Santo Domingo

We have many blinds that allow us to hunt many different species for those who can´t walk too much all along the field, so we can avoid a good physical training. Everyone can. All our programs in this area include birds and small animal shooting in spare time at no cost.

Our hunting area is located 1.30 hs flight from the Buenos Aires domestic airport. It is situated in the limit between Santiago del Estero and Chaco Province.
The lodging takes place in a very comfortable house in the field with good food and beverages. Transportation is made by modern 4WD trucks. The impenetrable(This word means impossible to enter) is a very large area of short and sticky bushes with difficult access, the habitat of the native fauna of a very high cinegetic value of international recognition. Our specialized hounds for different species guarantee successful hunting during a great part of the year. The quantity of birds is beyond your imagination and small animals for your hunting pleasure in your spare time at no cost. Weather is hot. The temperature climbs from 15 to 35ºC (50-75ºF). We have an average between 4 to 8 days depending on the number of trophies you wish.

Argentina Hunting

5 days Water Buffalo

DATES: All year long


Day 1 - Sunday Arrive - Pick up at the airport, connection to Santiago del Estero - Evening Hunt
Day 2 - Monday Hunt
Day 3 - Tuesday Hunt
Day 4 - Wednesday Hunt
Day 5 - Half Day Hunt - Pack / Shop - depart in the early evening

Package Includes:
1 Water Buffalo
** charter air service available - additional cost involved.

Argentina Hunting

5 Day Dove, Pigeon & Partridge Hunting Trip

DATES: All Year and No Limits

Five full hunting days. Hunters can expect to shoot a minimum of 1000 shells per day. Many hunters shoot much more. It is not uncommon for a hunter to shoot 1500 shells or more in a single day. The only thing limiting your shooting will be your shoulder and pocketbook. Doves & Pigeons will be there!!! This incredible shooting combined with fine Partridge hunt over pointer dogs.

A possibility of combination with 1 or 2-day duck hunting
** charter air service available - additional cost involved.

Minimum Groups are 4 hunters. Maximum group size is up to you. A $1,000.00 fee per hunter is required to book your trip. If your group is less than 4 hunters, we can combine you with other hunters to complete the minimum a group. Contact us for more information.