Water Buffalo

The water buffalos a large bovid originating in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China. Today, it is also found in Europe, Australia, and some American countries. The skin of the river buffalo is black, but some specimens may have dark, slate­coloured skin. Swamp buffalo have a grey skin at birth but become slate blue later. Their horns grow outward and curve in a semicircle, but always remain more or less on the plane of the forehead Height at withers is 129-133 cm (51-52 in) for males, and 120-127 cm (47-50 in) for females. They range in weight from 300-550 kg (660-1,210 lb), but weights of over 1,000 kg (2,200 lb) have also been observed.

Argentina Hunting

5 days Water Buffalo

DATES: All year long


Day 1 - Sunday Arrive - Pick up at the airport, connection to Santiago del Estero - Evening Hunt
Day 2 - Monday Hunt
Day 3 - Tuesday Hunt
Day 4 - Wednesday Hunt
Day 5 - Half Day Hunt - Pack / Shop - depart in the early evening

Package Includes:
1 Water Buffalo
** charter air service available - additional cost involved.