Native from India, Blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) were introduced in Argentina at various times between 1906 and the 1960s, perfectly adapted ranches in Buenos Aires, La Pampa and southern Santa Fe. With the passage of time has spread to various regions of the country. The male in adulthood presents a beautiful contrast between black and white, with spiral horns that can reach 70 cm. Shoulder height 22-25 inches (56-­64 cm). Weight 75-­110 pounds (34-­50 kg), with an average of about 90 pounds (41 kg). Females are two ­thirds as large as males.

Argentina Hunting

Axis Deer & BlackBuck 3 Days Package

DATES: All year long


Day 1: 7 am - Pick Up Hotel/Airport Transportation to hunting area (1 1/2 hours) - Hunt until noon
Day 2: 12 pm - BBQ and great Argentina beef, keep hunting till the sun sets for Blackbuck/Axis Deer
Day 3: Hunting in the morning. Transfer to the International Airport in the afternoon

We can return to Buenos Aires or stay at the ranch and take other trophies such as Wild Boar.